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Industrial Automation Cables/Interface Cable & Io Card - SDTRONICS Pune, Maharashtra, India


SD Tronics is committed to providing customers with the best products at competitive prices since the year 1994.

We know that many of the cables we produce are used in a wide range of industries, so we have made sure to provide a variety of solutions.Our automation cables are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability, reliability and efficiency.

We offer a wide range manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of PLC programming cable/connectors/ wires, Servo Motor Cable/connectors/wires, Profinet cables/connectors/wires, Delta Servo cable/connectors/ wires, Industrial Automation Cable/connectors/wires, Interface cable & IO Card in Pune India.

Our team understands that customers need reliable cable products that will last for years without any issues, so we strive to provide them with standard certified product that meets their needs.

The Product Range We Offer:

  • Servo Motor Cable Manufacturers
  • Servo Drive CableManufacturers
  • PLC Programming CableManufacturers
  • Industrial Automation CableManufacturers
  • Profinet Cable Manufacturers
  • Delta Servo CableManufacturers
  • Mitsubishi Servo CableManufacturers
  • Rockwell Kinetix Servo Cable Manufacturers
  • Interface Cable & IO CardManufacturers
We are pleased to introduce our self as an Automation Cable fabricator from last 25 years. SDTRONICS is a system oriented company which supplies variety of cables used in an automation field such as POWER CABLES, ENCODER CABLES, INTERFACING CABLES, ETHERNET CABLES, I/O CABLES and many more. Please find attached brochure for detail information.
Industrial Automation Cables/Interface Cable & Io Card Manufacturers

Providing Automation Cable Solutions - Since 1995

Having a long 28-years experience in an Automation and Cable assembly field we can now provide over 800 different types & lengths of cables. The range of communication cables we fabricate are from 2 core to 50 core & power cables from 0.75Sqmm to 35Sqmm shielded as per international quality also we are so much flexible to all our customers that we even supply customized fabricated cables as per there required length and customized drawing too.
Mainly we are supplying encoder cables & power Cables for almost all PLC, SERVO-DRIVE & MOTOR brands including DELTA, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, SCHNEIDER, FUJI, FANUC, OMRON, MESSUNG, and PANASONIC.
We also supply allied products like Breaking Resistors, Chocks, EMI Filters, and High Wattage Special Cables
as per your need!

Our History

  • NOVEMBER 25, 1994… The beginning!
    It was Thursday,
    The start of the beginning!
    Our founder Mr. A. D. Brahme put the flag and the SDTRONICS was found! Despite having no financial flexibility Mr. Brahme started it all with the scraps and still managed to challenge the world with his tremendous willpower and the humble attitude! He proved the world that dreams can truly come alive!
    He always says “You just have to be proficient for that one desired thing which you want and excited about, once you become capable of it, it just becomes yours”.
    He kept creating the new milestones and kept inspiring his belongings and the people who admired him. Soon, breaking the records of himself became his favorite thing and this habit kept giving the new milestones for him!
    After 28 years, the SDTRONICS turned into a PVT. LTD. Firm and it is now Indias Leading & Trusted Automation Cable Manufacturer! He takes another vision for taking SDTRONICS PVT. LTD. abroad for giving the world the best Quality Products & Services which are under Make in India Program!
    His vision drives him and so does the company! We are SDTRONICS! For us, Quality is our Heart, Punctuality is our Brain!
Industrial Automation Cables/Interface Cable & Io Card Manufacturers

Our Mission

To provide our customer an enormously best Quality of all our products which also meets the International Standards and to provide it within a very short period of time in PAN INDIA.

Our Vision

To keep creating the quality products and keep building the same trust that we have build since from more than two decades !